Visa information

All participants must apply for a visa to enter Russia.

For assistance in sending a letter of invitation, please provide the following personal information:


For every participant and accompanying person please provied:

For every participant and accompanying person please provide:

  1. Surname

  2. Given names (in full)

  3. Date of birth

  4. Sex

  5. Citizenship (in case you have more than one, please note)

  6. Country of birth

  7. Place of birth

  8. Country of residence, region of residence

  9. The city of Russian Embassy where you will apply for a Russian visa

  10. Full company, government agency, or university name (organization of     employment)

  11. Full company, agency, or university address, personal phone and fax (PO Box cannot be used, because the DHL will not deliver to PO boxes)

  12. Title/Position in the Company, agency, university

  13. Passport number

  14. Passport Date of issue / expiration date

  15. Accommodation in Russia (name of hotel, if already known)


If you are an EU or China citizen – time of invitation issuing – 3 working days

If you are a citizen of any other country – time for invitation issuing – 30 working days

When you get your letter of invitation, please kindly apply for a Russian visa in the Russian Embassy or Consulate General in the city you cited in this questionnaire.