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The GeoHab 2019 annual conference will be held in St. Petersburg, A.P.Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute from Monday May 13 to Friday May 17, 2019, the working language of the conference is English.

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GEOHAB (Marine Geological and Biological Habitat Mapping) is an international association of marine scientists studying geological, biological, and physical oceanographic processes as indicators of benthic habitats and ecosystems and used as proxies for biological communities and species diversity (http://geohab.org).

The annual conference brings geologists, biologists, acousticians, statisticians, spatial analysts and environmental managers from around the world and provides a truly multidisciplinary forum for the exchange of knowledge and ideas that underpin sustainable ocean management and mapping (http://geohab.org).

GeoHab is now in its 18th year and has several publications (see list at http://geohab.org/publications/) based on work contributed by members, coordinated through annual meetings.

Welcome to St. Petersburg - the second largest city of Russia (in size and population), located on the coast of the easternmost part of the Baltic Sea (the Gulf of Finland)!

St. Petersburg links land and water. There are 40 rivers and channels or waterways (and 580 bridges (including 20 pivot bridges). Since its foundation by Peter the Great in 1703, Saint Petersburg has been the marine capital of Russia.

St. Petersburg is a city of extensive history and great culture. For more than 300 years it has linked Russia and Europe, East and West. In St. Petersburg you can visit 221 museums, 2000 libraries, more than 80 theatres, 100 concert halls, 45 galleries and exhibition halls, and 62 cinemas. Every year about 100 festivals and musical contests take place in this spectacular city.

In Saint Petersburg there are 329 scientific Institutes of the Russian Academy of Science (RAS), 190 scientific Organizations, 12 scientific Centers, and 78 Universities and Higher Educational Institutions (e.g. St. Petersburg State University, Zoological Institute of RAS, Russian State Hydrometeorological University, St.Petersburg State Marine Technical University, VNIIOkeangeologia, St. Petersburg Branch of P.P.Shirshov Institute of Oceanology).

GeoHab 2019 will be hosted by A. P. Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI) - Russia’s leading national geological organization. The institute has inherited both the purpose-built historic mansion and the best traditions of Russia’s Geological Committee that was founded as an equivalent to the geological survey in 1882 (http://vsegei.ru/en). The primary focus of VSEGEI activity is geological mapping. At present the institute’s research focuses on stratigraphy, lithology, petrology, metallogeny, and regional geophysics, which covers virtually the whole of Northern Eurasia. VSEGEI actively participates in many international projects.


GeoHab conferences are organized as an informal, single-stream session, which encourages dialogue between delegates and exhibitors. Additional poster presentations remain on display for the duration of the meeting. The conference poster room houses an exhibition of industry technology and products used in the marine environmental community.


Students are encouraged to attend and grants are available.



December 15th: Submission of Abstracts OPENS
February 1st: Abstract Submission - CLOSES
February 15th: Authors notified of abstract acceptance and decision 
February 16th: Registration opens for All Authors
March 15th:  Early Bird registration closes.


Monday May 13: Registration Opens/ Pre-Conference Workshop/Ice Breaker Party

Tuesday May 14: Conference Oral & Poster Presentations

Wednesday May 15: Conference Oral & Poster Presentations

Thursday May 16: Conference & GeoHab business meeting (all welcomed) /Conference Dinner

Friday May 17: Field Trip

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GeoHab 2019 offers unique sponsorship opportunities that can be tailored for you. If you would like to discuss a package best suited to your requirements, or trade/exhibition booth, please contact info@geohab2018.org. Your input is welcomed and will ensure the ongoing success of this international forum. Funds obtained from sponsorships are also used to support students wishing to attend the GeoHab conference.

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NEW! Submerged landscapes and archeology:  around the globe, Quaternary sea level was significantly lower than present for approximately 90 % of this time, as a consequence of glacial-interglacial climate cycles. The seaward progression of coastlines associated with sea-level regressions exposed what is now the submerged continental shelf as a terrestrial ecosystem. Within some epicontinental seas interaction of tectonic and climate change (e.g. postglacial isostatic rebound and eustatic sea-level rise) accentuated high amplitude Holocene relative sea-level changes. Submerged landscape studies, relying on high-resolution geophysical and hydrographic data, have enlightened ancient habitats occupied by our early ancestors, to reveal areas of the continental shelf where prehistoric occupation sites preserved during sea-level rise. This session seeks to focus on submerged landscape reconstruction and the mapping and sampling tools utilized to elucidate information on hominin evolution.

Shelf and deep-sea habitats: This session to include deep-water methods, technological advances, and discussion of specific shelf and deep-sea habitats, as well as how their distribution and specific characteristics may play an important role at broader scales. Talks may include habitat mapping on the shelf and in the deep-sea for conservation and management purposes.

Coastal and shallow water habitats: This session will have a particular focus on linking methodologies from terrestrial remote sensing (including the emergence of aerial drones) to shallow water environments.  Talks may include habitat mapping in coastal and shallow water habitats for conservation and management purposes.

Mapping, planning, and impact assessment for ocean energy: This session will focus on the use of seafloor mapping technologies and case studies associated with marine renewable and conventional energy.

Marine Minerals: This session will focus on habitat issues related to marine minerals development including aggregates and deep-sea minerals (e.g. seafloor massive sulfides, polymetallic nodules).

Deep-water coral habitats: For presentations about coral habitat discovery, significance, and management.

Seeps and Hydrates: Talks about mapping and understanding seeps, gas hydrates, and the chemosynthetic ecosystems fueled by release of methane at the seafloor.

Interactions between oceanographic processes and habitats. This session will focus on geologic-habitat and biotic-habitat change and presence-absence as a function of bathymetric position, currents, waves, and water chemistry.



A.P.Karpinsky Russian Geological Research Institute (VSEGEI) is a host institution of GeoHab 2019.


Recommended: Small, modern and comfortable hotel in the in the historic part of the city, located at: 74 Sredny Prospect, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Tel.: (812) 328-90-43, tel./fax: (812) 321-93-15

E-mail: hotel_vsegei@mail.ru

Nearest metro station is – «Vasileostrovskaya»

Most rooms at the hotel consist of a bedroom and a living room; suits have a study in addition (room size from 40 to 70 m2). A cozy cafe is on the ground floor. Breakfast is included.

Rooms are equipped with appliances (TV, WI-FI, refrigerator, telephone, tea kettle and tea ware), with modern bath fitment. 24-hour guarding is provided; parking area.


Single (40 m2)

Single (70 m2)

Double (70 m2)

Cost in roubles per night




Cost in euro (course April 3 2018) per night




VSEGEI hotel is fully booked.


Solo Sokos Hotel Palace Bridge*****


Solo Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky****


Park Inn Pribaltiyskaya Hotel & Congress Center by Radisson****


Art Nuvo Palace****


Marco Polo Saint Petersburg Hotel****


Polo Regata Hotel***


Mini Hotel Gavan



Mini Hotel Vasilievsky Island Inn



Sakvoyage Hotel




Conference dinner is being organized to take place at Yusupov Palace (https://www.yusupov-palace.ru/en).